A mobile bakery is used for bread baking in field conditions.

Baking with the mobile bakery includes the different steps involved in the process: kneading, dividing, rounding, manual forming, fermentation (rising), baking and natural cooling.

The complete unit is fitted on a double axle van trailer, completed with expandable service area.

The unit is compact and can be displayed in a very short time.

Dimensions : Length: 11300 mm, Height: 4342 mm, Width: 2550 mm / 3658 mm (with expandable service area)

Baking capacity:
– 100 kg of bread in 1 hour (500 breads of 0.200 kg)
– 800 kg of bread in 8 hours (4000 breads of 0,200 kg)
Ration of 0,6 kgs / day / man (In 8 h : 1300 men / day).

All the interior walls and the ceiling and floor are clad in stainless steel to ensure compliance with the strictest hygiene requirements under field conditions.

The bakery is full electric powered and it is entirely autonomous with its own diesel-powered generator.


1 x Rotating Oven Operators with Diesel Fuel
1 x Dough Kneading Machine (Spiral Mixer)
1 x Volumetric Dough Divider
1 x Dough Rounding Machines
1 x Fermentation Compartment
1 x 2 Tray Trolleys (16 Trays)
1 x Air Condition
2 x Water tank (Clean / Waste Water).

– All these features are changeable depending on the demand.


– In relation to the need multi-deck steam tube ovens, rotary ovens or convection ovens can be used.

– The chain is completed by a workbench and a fermentation compartment.

– Can be designed with wheels and brake system or can be designed solely to be carried on a truck.

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