Long Roll Moulders LM 3100

Long Loaf Moulders (LM) gives the dough its final shape (long roller/fold-type roller/rolling out). The Dough which is coming from the proofer is sheeted with the cylinders, after that the dough falling to conveyor takes the form of baton (bakeries) passing through pillows.


  • European Quality Automatic Long Roll Moulders at Affordable Price
  • Produced by the latest technology and according to the CE-regulations
  • Each machine has Four Rollers (Cylinders) and these intervals can be adjusted infinitely variable from 0-25 mm
  • Maximum Shaping Length is 420 mm
  • Automatic feed conveyor with flour duster
  • Special non-stick belt
  • Can be combined with other machines
  • For products as if hand-made quality
  • Easy and Simple Pressure Board Height Adjustment
  • Very simple and easy one-man operation
  • Delivery belt for ease of manual removal
  • Small footprint area due to compact design
  • Machine on Wheels.
  • Stainless Steel or Electrostatic Powder Painted
  • OPTIONS:  – Electronic speed adjustment unit.
  •                          –  Stainless steel tube shelf for trays    
  •  Download: pdf icon   Brochure LM 3100


  • Electric Power: 1.1 Kw
  • Weight Range: 100-1000 gr.
  • Capacity (max): 4000 Pcs/hr.
  • Pressure board: One Processing Pillow.
  • Machines Dimensions: (Height 1375,Width 772, Depth 2524) mm.
  • Weight of Machine: 300 kg.

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