Product Code: FE 01

General Features:

  • This machine was designed for small bakeries
  • It is safe machine, when you pull the handle the cover will opened and machine don’t
  • Work, it works after you leave the bread into the machine and then leave the handle.
  • It can slice bread 250 gr to 1,5 kg
  • It stops automatically when the slicing finished
  • The bread surfaces area is made from 304q stainless steel and is sanitary
  • Slice thickness can available between 8mm and 25 mm
  • Standard oven paint and stainless body is optional

Warranty: 2-year all-in guarantee (not including slicing knives).

Working principle: handle is pulled to end, the top cover is opened automatically, bread is lived into the case, handle is leaving slowly and machine starts slicing when the top cover closed.

Pulling handle goes back to the starting point and machine stops, bread is ready as sliced.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity (bread/hour) : 500
Width (mm) : 720
Length (mm) : 670
High (mm) : 840
Maximum size of Bread (mm) : 310x480x140
Motor (kW) : 0,37
Machine Weight (Kg) : 100
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