Product Code: FE 02

General Features:

  • Safe and automatic
  • Standards of CE
  • It stops automatically when the slicing finished
  • Safety cover prevents to put your hand into the blades while slicing
  • The bread surfaces area is made from 304q stainless steel and is sanitary
  • Slice thickness can available between 8mm and 25 mm
  • Standard oven paint and stainless body is optional

Warranty: 2-year all-in guarantee (not including slicing knives).

Working principle: Open Safety cover, put the bread into the machine, when the cover closed it works automatically and it stops automatically when the slicing finished.


Capacity (bread/hour) : 500
Width (mm) : 635
Length (mm) : 670
High (mm) : 634
Maximum size of Bread (mm) : 310x480x140
Motor (kW) : 0,37
Machine Weight (Kg) : 89
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