Product Code: FE 09

General Features

  • Patented Pratico Series
  • It’s cleaning and maintenance is highly practical with the opening front lid system.
  • Designed for bakeries which work with high capacity
  • Contains fan and packing system.
  • Compatible with clips machine and can be mounted on the machine.
  • The conveyor belt is with the speed adjustment. The required speed can be set.
  • A packing speed regulator system for the sliced bread and start-stop feature.
  • Adjustable band high according to the size of bread.
  • Full CE-compliant for safe operation
  • It has 24 V elegant control panel.
  • Slice thickness can be produced from 8mm to 24mm. Standard production is 16mm.
  • Contains wheel with brake and can be carried easily.
  • Pulley system was made PJ, (belt Movement), there’s no chain.
  • Bag blowing device: automatically opens plastic bags, increasing hourly production.
  • The bread touching surfaces area is made from 304q stainless steel and is sanitary
  • Standard oven paint and stainless body is optional

Optional :

  • Second Packing System
  • Bread Counter
  • Oiling System
  • Titanium coated knifes
  • Stainless body

Warranty: 2-year all-in guarantee (not including slicing knives).

Working principle: Place the bread on the back conveyor belt. Once you press start button then bread will move through conveyor belt automatically and be cut evenly. You can easily pack sliced bread with the help of blowing packing unit.


Capacity (bread/hour) : 1500
Width (mm) : 1260 mm packing closed 740 mm
Length (mm) : 2451
Height (mm) : 1306
Maximum size of Bread (mm) : 1330 x 480 x 180
Motor (kW) : 0,85
Machine Weight (Kg) : 302


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