Tray Loading Robot

Product Code: iLR 02

General Feature:

– The shaped dough pieces coming from long moulder are spread out on the wooden pallet or tray in a row (Single, double or triple) as demanded.
– Tray loading robot picks the tray, load on the tray trolley and get the other free tray at the same time.
– When the process completed for all the trays, the trolley automatically forced to move to the exit and the system gets the free trolley to be loaded.
– The wooden pallets or aluminum trays can be used for the system.
– Both also available at the same time as an option.
– If demanded, the additional equipment can be used to sprinkle materials on the dough.
– All the system is controlled and observed by a touch-screen display.
– The machine can be designed depending on building plan or dough process direction.
– The system never deforms the trays or wooden pallets during the process.
– The capacity of the system is 3.300 pcs dough per hour.


– Single, double or triple dough panning.
– Aluminum tray or wooden pallet can be handled (both at the same time is also available),
– Sprinkler system,


External Dimension: L 3200 x W 9500 x H 2220 mm.
Electric Power: 4,55 kW – 380V 50 Hz*
Capacity (400 gr): 1000 – 3300 Pcs/hr*
Weight: 3000 kg*

* The Capacity Subject To Change Depending On The Project

Warranty: One year warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.

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