Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer w/o breaking bar – 240 kg

Product Code: PSM 240

General Features

Promix PSM 240 Spiral Mixer without central breaking bar. 

Provides excellent kneading in preparation for different types of bread.

Kneads the dough without overheating by the help of bowl and spiral arm harmony.

Even %3 of the dough capacity can be mixed.

There is no central breaking bar, mixes the dough without splitting it.

Strong, durable and silent operation.

Easy cleaning, ergonomic usage.

Produced with water dosing.

8 memory buttons on the screen.

The amount of the water, 1st and 2nd-Speed timer can be adjusted and taken into the memory according to dough characteristics and capacity.

8 Kinds of bread can be taken into memory and production can be done under the same conditions.

Advantages of Promix Spiral Mixer

Excellent bread production.

Extends the staling duration.

Abolishing or reducing ice usage.

Getting about 10-15 more bread per sack compared with fork mixers.

Standard production with adjusted memory.


Capacity                              : 150 kg Flour-240 Kg Dough
Width (mm)                        : 998
Length (mm)                       : 1590
Height (mm)                       : 1375 Cover open 2097
Boiler Diameter (mm)        : 950 x 515
Motor (kw)                          : 5 – 8
Machine Weight (kg)         : 835
Spiral Shaft Thickness Q    : 55
Warranty: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.


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