Bread Production Line:  Used for Dividing , Rounding, Resting, Shaping various type of dough.

 – Consists of :

Continuous dough Portions Process

Volumetric Dough Divider – DM SERIES

1- Divider (DM): Volumetric suction piston divider (DM) , suitable for divide dough from 50% up to 70% water content, weighing accuracy ± 2%, heavy-duty construction, adapted for all types of bakeries, max.2000 pcs./ hour dividing capacity.Low-consumption oiling system, stainless steel cover and 60 kg cap. standard hopper, flour duster, manual speed and grammage control.

Production capacity from  700 -2000 pcs/hr.



2- Rounder (CM): Conical rounder (CM) Manufacture in two different versions adjustable,  fixed channels, rounding length up to 4,80 meters. Cast-aluminium cone and channels, driver motor.Stainless steel construction as standard flour duster and out feed chute, on wheels to easy move. Collection tray to easy clean.

Production capacity up to  4000 pcs/hr.



PM2803- Proofer (PM): Intermediate pocket prover (PM) with alternative pocket swings options. Two different infeed systems available. Completely stainless steel structure, covers and swings as standard. Photocell dough infeed control as standard.Air circulation fan, sliding windows, detachable circle nylon pockets. Electric sockets for divider, rounder and moulder as standard.Variable resting times.

Production capacity up to 4800  pcs/hr.



LM 31004- MOULDERS (LM): Long loaf moulder (LM) suitable up to 52 cm. length of loaf. Adjustable vertical placed 4 rollers and adjustable pressure board. Simple adjusting rollers, centrally adjustable infeed, collection tray.Flexible moulder for all types of dough handling in small and medium size bakeries. On wheels to easy move, easy cleaning.Weight range from 100 to 1000 gr.

Production capacity up to 2000 pcs/hr.

Used for products like: hamburger buns, hot dog rolls, sweet dough, loaf bread, and more. – Perfect for small and medium size bakeries and confectionery.

 – Variable weight range from 40-1100 gr.




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