Manual Grissini Machine

Products Code: iMG 08

General Features: 
The capacity of the machine is 40 – 100 kg/hour wet dough processing
– The shaped product is cut manually through the cutting blade on the system.
– It can process the products like Grissini in various thickness.
– It can process dough with 50-60% shortening (for products like Bread-sticks and cracker stick).
– Dies are easily interchangeable with the only intervention on two knobs.
– Aligning on the special board feature.
Obtain a minimum volume of space.
– 2 Various die supplied
– The Machine made of Stainless Steel.
– It is possible to cut the products again manually on the processing board.
– Easy to install, maintain, and use the machine.
– A clean-cut for perfect bread-sticks.
– Recommended for small size production demand.

Length with Upped top 165 cm
Max. Width 40 cm
Height 132 cm
Weight 120 kg
Productivity 40 – 100 kg/hour
Installed Power 0.18 kW, 380 Volt – 3 Phase
Mould Dimensions: Ø 6 – 10 mm

The working cycle can be described as follows: The strip of dough is lodged onto the sliding roller ramp positioned on the upper part of the machines and conveyed to a couple of motorised preparing / calibrating rolls which trod the strips until the desired thickness is obtained. The dough advances to the drawing unit, composed of two grooved stainless steel rolls (AISI 304) which act to give the diameter of the bread-sticks.
Once the bread-sticks have been formed, a blade (manual) cuts them at the desired length
The bread-sticks already cut are lodged on the special board.

A drawing unit is a unit fitted with two stainless steel drawing rolls.
Below them, two brass scrapers keep the bread-sticks forming grooves constantly clean, preventing the dough from sticking.
The drawing unit of this bread‐sticker forming machine is interchangeable on request.
Different type of unit, easy to replace with just two locking knobs determine, according to your exigencies, the number of rows, the diameter and the shape of the bread-sticks.

WARRANTY:  Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.