Product Code: iFD 04 

General Feature:

– It takes the flour to be used for the dough automatically in kg and closes the system.
– The device is used by adapting to the helix flour sieving system.
– Flow information from the screening system is interpreted and converted into kg.
– Display Type:        7 Segment Displacement
– Control Type:        Contractor.
– Keyboard:             Membrane Switch.

USES:  Food Industry.   


Power Supply : 220V (AC), 50 Hz.
Power : 25 W.
Dosing Precision : ± 2%.
Capacity (Max Batch) : 9999 kg.
Calibration (Adjust Precision) : Yes.
Dimensions : 200 x 300 x 100 mm.

Weight: 5 Kg.

Warranty: One year warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.

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