Product Code: iST 40, iST 50

Work Principle:

– Heat is supplied by a dense network of closed vapour tubes in which hot steam circulates.

General Feature:

Mini Steam Tube Oven is a static oven which means there are no distributing heat fans to dry out your baked goods.
– The consumption of gas is minimal, quick temperature recovery and the perfect uniform bake every time.
– Each deck has its own powerful self-contained high capacity steam system that is ready on demand for artisan bread, bagels and rolls.
– High-quality stainless steel is used on the entire outside & inside of the oven for easy cleaning and attractive look.
– Refractory baking surface is ideal for hearth baking and you can also bake in regular trays.
– This oven is perfect for all types of products such as bread, rolls, pies, pastries and pizza’s, etc.
– Equipped with a removable vapour hood, halogen lamps on each deck.
– Full glass door for an easy view of your products.
– All service components are front mounted for easy access.
– The smallest footprint in the industry.
– On wheels for easy placement.

Technical Specifications:

CODE Deck Internal Dimensions

A x B X H (mm)

External Dimensions W/ Hood

A x B X H  (mm)

Heating Power (Kcal/h) Weight (Kg) Number of Decks & Door (N) Baking Area Surface (m²)
iST 40 1500 x 635 x 150 2150 x 1085 x 1960 35.000 1500 4 4
iST 50 1500 x 845 x 180 2150 x 1285 x 1960 43.000 1850 4 5
Voltage: 380 V 50 Hz Electrical Power: 1,5 kW Maximum Temperature: 275 ºC Energy Sources: Natural Gas – LPG