Detachable Bowl Spiral Mixers

Product Code: iSP 250MDetachable Bowl Spiral Mixers

General Features:

  • High-performance spiral mixers with removable bowl
  • Stainless steel bowl, spiral arm, breaker bar
  • A premium belt drive system, Quiet, Steady, reliable, heavy-duty construction
  • Micro-switch control safety feature
  • Automatic and manual usage mode
  • Two-speed Spiral tool (Fast & Slow)
  • Two-way bowl rotation
  • Two automatic (timer) Kneading time can be set and adjusted separately for two speeds.
  • Automatic change from low to high speed
  • With the movable bowls, it has a higher capacity of dough kneading and makes fermentation by waiting for dough after kneading in mobile bowls.
  • Can be used to knead every kind of bread and other floury product dough and provides a homogeneous mixture of dough.
  • Saves energy and time by shortening the kneading time fairly.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity at one loading (Flour) Capacity at one loading (Dough) Spiral Speed Bowl Diameter Capacity of Dough Electric Power (Total) Type of Electricity Weight ±5 kg
 150 kg. 250 kg. 1St  Speed 720 rpm 1028 mm 875 kg/h 18.6 kW  380 V 50 Hz N+PE 1820 Kg
2nd Speed 1450 rpm

Warranty: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.