Detachable Bowl Spiral Mixers

Product Code: iSP 250MDetachable Bowl Spiral Mixers

Spiral mixers are produced by the latest technology. The specification of the automatic spiral mixer is to knead more dough in a shorter time. The bowl, spiral, and blades which are made of stainless steel are imported in a set. Thus; it enables to make a very small amount of flour to dough. The automatic and manual use options are available. The kneading time can be adjusted. Thanks to the belt pulley system, it operates very quietly. It also provides a two-speed use because of its double positioned motor. The emergency stop function and the security system on the cover are available. It can be moved easily thanks to its wheels. The most important specification is to be used with a removable bowl system and spare bowl. Removable Bowl works compatibly with Automatic Tilting Lift.


  • High-performance spiral mixers with removable bowl
  • Stainless steel bowl, spiral arm, breaker bar
  • A premium belt drive system, Quiet, Steady, reliable, heavy-duty construction
  • Micro-switch control safety feature
  • Automatic and manual usage mode
  • Two-speed Spiral tool (Fast & Slow)
  • Two-way bowl rotation
  • Two automatic (timer) Kneading time can be set and adjusted separately for two speeds.
  • Automatic change from low to high speed
  • With the movable bowls, it has a higher capacity of dough kneading and makes fermentation by waiting for dough after kneading in mobile bowls.
  • Can be used to knead every kind of bread and other floury product dough and provides a homogeneous mixture of dough.
  • Saves energy and time by shortening the kneading time fairly.


Capacity at one loading (Flour) Capacity at one loading (Dough) Spiral Speed Bowl Diameter Capacity of Dough Electric Power (Total) Type of Electricity Weight ±5 kg
 150 kg. 250 kg. 1St  Speed 720 rpm 1028 mm 875 kg/h 18.6 kW  380 V 50 Hz N+PE 1820 Kg
2nd Speed 1450 rpm

Warranty: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.

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