BL 120 – Bowl Lifter & Tilting

Product Code: BL 120

General Features

  • The bowl lifter has been designed to facilitate the bowl raising (120 Lt.) for the PMX 120 planetary mixers.
  • This indispensable instrument is constructed in painted steel and aluminium or upon request in stainless steel.
  • Easy manoeuvre and use, the lifter is equipped with specific protections and emergency devices in order to avoid any risk in using it.
  • The bowl lifter has a remote control system.
  • The electrical system complies with EU norms.

Technical Specifications:

Model BL 120
Bowl  Volume: 120 Litre
Width (W): 1100 mm
Length (L): 1400 mm
Height (H): 2600 mm
Electrical Power: 1.5 kW
Weigh of a machine: 275 Kg
High of the Discharging: 2200 mm max

Warranty: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.