Self-lifting & tipping Spiral Mixers

7601KA~1 copyProduct Code: iSP 130K, iSP 200K

General Feature:

  • iSPK Tilt-over spiral mixers are produced by the latest technology and according to the CE-regulations.
  • iSPK Series spiral mixers are reliable heavy-duty construction, and easy to operate.
  • Fixed bowl spiral mixer with two motors with two speeds, two-way bowl rotation. 
  • Automatic and manual usage mode.
  • Designed for intensive use and stiffer dough’s, especially successful in filo pastry products. 
  • Premium drive system with a dual belt transmission resulting in more power being delivered to the spiral tool and works very quietly.
  • The lifting unit works with a hydraulic tilting system.
  • Saves energy and time by shortening the kneading time fairly. 
  • Mixing times can be adjusted by an automatic timer for slow speed and fast speed.
  • Stainless steel Bowl, Spiral arm, Cutting knives. 
  • Discharged mixed dough to dough dividing machine’s hopper.
  • It provides a homogeneous mixture of dough.
  • Bowl safety lid.

Option: Stainless Steel Bowl Safety Lid.

Technical Specifications:

Model : iSP 130K iSP 200K
Electric Power – KW : 5,5…7,5 7,5…11
Machine Width – mm : 1330 1562
Machine Depth – mm : 1812 1995
Machine Height – mm : 1385 1750
Bowl Capacity (Flour) – kg : 80 130
Bowl Capacity (Dough) – kg : 130 200
Bowl Diameter – mm : 118…232 82…162
Spiral Rotation Speed – r/min : 15.6 12
Mixer Weight – kg 1600 1750

Warranty: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly