160 kg Dough Spiral Mixer w/o breaking bar

Product Code: PSM 160

General Features:

  • Promix PSM 160 Spiral Mixer without a central breaking bar.
  • Provides excellent kneading in preparation for different types of bread.
  • Kneads the dough without overheating by the help of bowl and spiral arm harmony.
  • Even %3 of the dough capacity can be mixed.
  • There is no central breaking bar, mixes the dough without splitting it.
  • Strong, durable and silent operation.
  • Easy cleaning, ergonomic usage.
  • Produced with water dosing.
  • 8 memory buttons on the screen.
  • The amount of the water, 1st and 2nd-Speed timer can be adjusted and taken into the memory according to dough characteristics and capacity.
  • 8 Kinds of bread can be taken into memory and production can be done under the same conditions.

Advantages of Promix Spiral Mixer 

  • Excellent bread production.
  • Extends the staling duration.
  • Abolishing or reducing ice usage.
  • Getting about 10-15 more bread per sack compared with fork mixers.
  • Standard production with adjusted memory.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity                             : 100 kg Flour – 160 Kg Dough
Width (mm)                        : 882
Length (mm)                      : 1477
Height (mm)                       : 1360 / Cover Open: 1979
Boiler Diameter (mm)        : 840 x 460
Motor (kw)                          : 4 – 6,5
Machine Weight (kg)         : 790
Spiral Shaft Thickness    : Q 55
Warranty: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.