Product Code: iMD 45, iMD 90, iMD 180 

General Feature:

– The major specification of electrical deck oven is that each deck can be operated independently.
– The heating system is designed with special stone-based and ceramic resistances that provide the heating disturbing on baking surface and it balances the heat while baking.
– Temperature and the time of steam can be adjusted for each deck as per request.
– In this way, it can be baked different products in each deck at one time.
– In order for the products to be fermented, there is yeasting collusion available and its temperature and humidity can be adjusted as per request.
– Products can be loaded into the decks with the setter.
– The oven can be manufactured between 1 and 4 decks as per the request of customers.
– Thanks to its wheels it can be moved easily.
– Products can be observed clearly through glass doors and powerful enlightening.
– These ovens are ideal for products such as baklava, pizza, pie, pastry, cake, sponge and all other yeast having dough types.
– Each deck can be controlled individually between 0 – 300 C° and heat of ceiling and base are managed as separately.
– Control panel is produced as a touch screen or manual type.
– Produced in CE standards.

Technical Specifications:

C0DE UNIT : iMD 45 iMD 90 iMD 180
Baking Area :
Electric Power kW : 2+5 4+10   4+18
Heating Capacity Kcal/ h : 4300 8600  17200 
Max. Heating °C : 300 300  300 
Weight kg : 170  280 560 


– Manual and touchscreen control panel
– Fermentation or stainless table for a bottom of ovenRefractory stainless-steel burning chamber and interior panels.

Warranty: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.