Products Code: LM 3100

General Feature:

– Felt rollers for superior finished product quality.
‐ Four rollers and these intervals can be adjusted infinitely variable from 0‐25 mm.
‐ Maximum shaping length is 420 mm.
Special non-stick belt.
Automatic feed conveyor with flour duster.
‐ Interchangeable and adjustable pressing device.
‐ Easy adjustments to achieve the required final.
‐ For products as if hand‐made quality.
‐ Very simple and easy one‐man operation.
‐ Delivery belt for ease of manual removal.
‐ Small footprint area due to a compact design.
Easy and Simple Pressure Board Height Adjustment
‐ A machine on wheels.

Technical Specifications:

Electric Power : 0.55 KW
Weight Range : 100 – 1000 gr.
Capacity (max) : 1200 – 2400 Pcs/hr.
Height : 1360 mm.
Width : 690 mm.
Length : 1650 mm.
Weight of Machine : 235 kg.


‐ Guide on the transport band.
‐ Flour dusting system.
‐ Triangle mould on pressure board.
‐ One or Two Processing Pillow.
‐ Electronic speed control.

Stainless Steel or Electrostatic Powder Painted Body.

Warranty: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.