PM280 New Model

Product Code: iPM

Products Description:

It provides proof for dough that comes from a dough rounding machine, before given the final shape helping the bakers to get the best result while forming, then a good looking baked bread. 

It also functions as a bridge between dough rounder and long moulder while decreasing the cost of labour.

Photocell system used in iPM series intermediate proofers enables just in time fall to the pockets. After each tour dough piece is transferred to next cup Thanks to double direction router, the machine can be used with right or left inlet As the machine works only when the photocell sees the dough, proofing time is longer than standard machines. Cornered cups enable it to operate between 50 gr to 1.000 gr. It has 280 cups that comply with health regulations There is no need for any hand tool to unfix or fix the cups, it can be easily washed and fixed to its housing. Inlet and outlet of the machine can be Teflon coated as an option. There’s no need to move the machine thanks to the tray just located under the machine. Divider, rounder and long moulder can be connected to its 3 phase 3 plug electric panel. Hence, all the dough preparation line can be started or stopped with just one button.

General Feature:
– The total amount that entered into the prover can be observed on the digital display.
– Squire shaped plastic baskets are chosen for long-term operation period.
– The synchronized transmission of dough pieces guaranteed without problems due to Teflon-coated transfer panels.
Divider, rounder and long moulder can be connected to its 3 phase 3 plug electric panel.
– Drawers for easy cleaning.
– Easy, Safe handling and maintenance.
It has a central electrical panel which works for itself (PM) as well as connected with dough dividing (DM), rounder (CM), long moulder (LM) machine.
Machine on wheels.

Technical Specifications:

Model Power # of Pockets Weight Range Proofing Time Weight Depth Height Width
iPM 154 0.37 kW 154 Pockets 150-650 gr 4 – 7 min. 610 kg. 1140 mm. 2260 mm. 1680 mm.
iPM 280 0.37 Kw 280 Pockets 150- 1100 gr 7 – 13 min. 1050 kg. 2325 mm. 2260 mm. 2220 mm.


  • Right or Left side output channel models are available.  
  • Speed control, double inlet and a double outlet for PMN154, PMN280 models are available.
  • Electric speed adjustment, circulation fan and heater can be purchased.
Warranty: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.