Economic Slicer – Loaf Pusher

Products Code: iBS 11E

General Feature:

  • Cut the Large size of bread (H: 180 X W: 500 mm).
  • Compliance with European standards (CE) and ISO 9001.
  • Fitted with retractable loaf pusher, starting up the slicing process and ensuring a sustained pressure.
  • Pressure system and arrangement lever that doesn’t press over bread.
  • Adjustable progressive traction lever.
  • Automatically stops at the end of the slicing.
  • The surfaces contacting the bread are made of stainless steel and are sanitary.
  • Takes a small space (80X90 cm).
  • Flat type stainless steel bagging spade.
  • Operates very quietly and without vibration.
  • Heavy duty painted steel construction.
  • Large removable crumb catch tray.
  • Long life Stainless Steel blades.
  • Fitted with Power Switch and Emergency Stop Button.
  • This slicer will save you a great deal of physical effort.
  • Produces clean and consistent cuts of hard or soft crusted bread.
  • Reliability and long-lasting operational functions are guaranteed over time.


  •   Slicing Capacity: Up to 500 Loaves/hour.
    • Electrical requirements: 0,55 KW, 380 V,50 Hz, 3P+N+E,
    • Dimensions: W: 680 x D: 870 x H: 1150.
    • Weight: 160 Kg.
    • Number of Cutting blades: 38 Blades.
    • Slicing thickness: 12 mm.
    • Max Bread Size (mm): Height:180 X Width:500 X Depth:410

WARRANTY: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly, (Excluding slicing blades).
iBS Eco Bread Slicer