Product Code: iBS 03

General Features

  • Patented Pratico Series; Thanks to swinging door system,
  • It is very easy to reach inside the machine which was inaccessible before.
  • New series slicers are easy to clean and easy to maintain.
  • It will add elegance and aesthetics to modern shops.
  • It can be placed between two racks or cabinets.
  • There is no need to go side to run slicer.
  • Pull the arm down and place bread inside then you will get sliced bread from the front.
  • Slice thickness can be produced from 8mm to 24mm. Standard production is 16mm.
  • Produced in CE standards.

Working Principle: The arm is pulled towards ourselves. Bread is left inside of the opened place. The arm is releasing slowly, machine operates and stops. Sliced bread is packed with the help of the packing sheet.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Open the front cover.
  • The plastic drawer is removed and the cracks are emptied.
  • All internal surfaces of the machine are cleaned from crumbs and dust by hand brush.
  • The machine does not require maintenance except for daily cleaning.


Capacity (bread/hour) : 500
Width (mm) : 705
length (mm) : 760
High (mm) : 1219
Max. size of Bread (mm) : 335 x 480 x 155
Motor Power (kW) : 0,37
Machine Weight (Kg) : 166

Warranty: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly, (Excluding slicing blades).