Product Code: iBS 08

General Features:

  • Standard bread slicing model.
  • Slices the bread fastly and symmetrically.
  • Silent and low vibration.
  • The best of its class with angled blades and slices without squeezing the bread.
  • Slices every bread up to 2.5 kg.
  • Slice thickness can be produced from 8mm to 24mm. Standard production is 16mm.
  • The bread surface area is made from Cr-Ni 304q stainless steel and is sanitary.
  • It can be carried easily by its wheels with brake.
  • It can be specially manufactured for products such as soap, fruit, other foods.
  • Produced in CE standards.

Working Principle;

  • The arm is pulled towards ourselves.
  • Bread is left in the opened place.
  • The arm is releasing slowly, machine operates and stops.
  • Sliced bread is packed with the help of packing sheet.

Cleaning and Maintenance;

  • The plastic drawer is removed and the cracks are emptied.
  • The machine does not require maintenance except for daily cleaning.
  • The durability of Mataş’s special blades is approximately 700.000 pieces.


Capacity (bread/hour) : 500
Width (mm) : 720
Length (mm) : 895
High (mm) : 1222
Max. size of Bread (mm) : 330x480x180
Motor (kW) : 0,37
Machine Weight (Kg) : 150

Warranty: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly, (Excluding slicing blades).