Product Code: BMS

Features & Specification:

  • Top and bottom heats of our patented heating
    system can be varied independently to ensure
    a perfect heat distribution
  • Each deck is an independent oven. The decks
    can operate at different temperatures giving you
    the flexibility to bake different products at the
    same time.
  • All our models are available with 1 to 5 decks
    and optional crown heights.
  • The Galaxy and Big Bake ovens have two
    doors per deck to ensure the minimum of heat
    loss when product is added or removed from
    the oven.



  • The digital control system allows you to set
  • baking time, baking temperature, top heat and
    bottom heat
  • Completion of the baking cycle is indicated with
    both a visible and audible alarm
  • The patented, fully insulated doors reduce heat
    loss and operating costs
  • All ovens are mounted on castors for easy
    installation and maintenance
  • Windows are available as an option
  • There is the option of two steam systems
    including our patented ‘live’ steam system
  • Ovens are virtually maintenance free

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